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Digital Downloads Chart Begins in the UK

Superdata - UKIE - MCVUK

The digital domain of UK gaming will now be available to be dissected, as agreements have been put in place to publish digital sales data.

As reported by MCV, industry firms and analysts such as Ukie and SuperData will gather information on the sales figures of the country’s digital gaming sector. SuperData will publish a UK-dedicated report document on the data they collect on digital console sales.

Ukie, on the other hand, is to work with MCV, who will publish Ukie’s mobile and digital game sales info, which will be collected through signed agreements with retailers and providers of data.

An analytics firm called Reflection will gather information on mobile sales figures, which will also be published alongside Ukie’s statistics. Reflection’s boss Gustav Leksell said that the immaturity of the digital sector makes tracking digital data difficult. He hopes that the burgeoning digital data analysis sector will go on to provide knock-on benefits to developers.

Dr. Jo Twist, the chief executive officer of Ukie, said that accessing data is a key aspect of the gaming sector, and will highly benefit Ukie’s position as an industry trade body. Dr. Twist said that their efforts, while difficult, will allow Ukie to gain deeper insight into successes of the industry.

Joost van Dreunen, SuperData’s CEO, praised their new allegiance with Ukie, saying that they will be able to extend their knowledge of the digital games sector, giving them a clearer picture of our digital purchasing habits.

The digital gaming sector is an ever increasing medium for gamers to spend their cash on. As our spending habits continue to move to digital, the hard work of researchers like Ukie and SuperData will prove to be a critically useful way of learning more about digital game purchases as a method of commerce.

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