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Digic Pictures to be acquired by Embracer Group

Digic Motion

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Through its operative Saber Interactive, Embracer Group has entered into an agreement to acquire 100 percent of the shares in Digic Pictures. The Hungary-based firm is currently owned by Alex Sandor Rabb, and works as an animation studio that was Co-Founded by Hollywood legend Andrew G. Vajna.

This acquisition will add the 400 strong staff from Digic Pictures to the Embracer Group family, for an undisclosed amount. However, it’s likely that there are performance-based goals that will add more to the deal if Digic meets certain goals.

Digic Pictures has a strong track record of creating phenomenal cinematics for best-selling games and commercial trailers. Given the number of developers that are being brought under the Saber Interactive name, let alone the Embracer Group umbrella, it’s never been more important to have experts like this in the company.

Digic Pictures is described as the best animation studio in the world. It’s worked on more game animations than any other company in the industry, and has even worked with Netflix to provide creative content to the masses. Embracer Group is thoroughly excited to bring them on board and hopes that the future is still as bright as ever for both businesses.

Having a cinematic trailer for your game is one thing, but having a trailer that makes it stand out from the crowd is what matters. Most games these days use in-engine trailers, created from the game running natively without any cinematic animation whatsoever. However, the games that do use cinematics blow fans away with incredible spectacles.

One great example is Final Fantasy 14, which has a visually stunning cinematic for every expansion that’s ever released. These are what draws attention to the game, and they help to keep people interested in it long after the initial hype has died down.

Having a serious cinematic studio to work alongside Saber Interactive will transform that company’s ability to sell games. The titles it publishes are all part of a specific brand and image, and now cinematics will be able to convey that with every single release they put out.

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