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Deep Silver says Dead Island 2 is still alive

Dead Island 2

Publisher Deep Silver has insisted that Dead Island 2 is still in development and has made promising progress, despite no news about the game surfacing in the last year.

Eurogamer have reached out to Deep Silver this week regarding an update to Dead Island 2 and its development, or lack thereof. The response from the developer was that the game is still in development with Sumo Digital, who have worked on titles such as Hitman and Snake Pass. Deep Silver also stated that they are pleased with the progress the team have made and will share more when they are ready.

The Dead Island series began with the original Dead Island, in which players took on the role of one of a cast of characters who woke up trapped in a hotel on a paradise island filled with zombies. Throughout the story players will fight to escape, levelling up their character’s skills along the way with skill trees, and crafting impossible weapons to fight hordes of undead with.

Dead Island Riptide followed the story of the first game, with players following the same cast of characters as well as a few more. Once again they must fight to explore and escape their new surroundings which are filled with new variants of the zombies from the original game. The story is expanded but was never satisfying to players, and the series seemed to peter out at this point.

The next game, Escape Dead Island, twisted the series from a First Person Shooter with RPG elements, to a Third Person Action Game. The switch in perspective was not the only unwelcome change, as the skill trees and character progression were also removed in favour of stealth gameplay and cel shaded graphics. Players only acquired new weapons at certain points in the story, and they were never customisable.

Finally, Dead Island: Epidemic, was supposed to be a MOBA based in the Dead Island Universe. Shortly after the open beta the game was cancelled, mostly due to poor feedback.

Dead Island 2 was said to have fallen out of alignment in 2016. The game looked like a return to the original Dead Island game formats, with first person viewpoints taking over, and skill trees returning too. More unbelievable weapons also looked like they would make a return, at least compared to the first two games. Whether the game will be seen at this year’s E3 is still unknown, it totally depends on whether Deep Silver have something worth showing.

Dead Island 2   Dead Island 2

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