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Call of Duty WW2 Headquarters revealed


Sledgehammer Games have revealed more details about the multiplayer social hub space coming with Call of Duty WW2. The details have been revealed through a new trailer for the area that shows off a number of features.

When Sledgehammer Games first showed gameplay of Call of Duty WW2’s multiplayer they alluded to the existence of a social hub where players could go between matches. This area was said to be similar to Orgrimmar from World of Warcraft.

We can now see that, similar to the social huns in Destiny, players are able to meet in this social space with their in-game character. Here they can meet up with friends and new players to customise their loadouts or acquire new weapons.

However, there are also areas in Headquarters for players to hone their skills in a friendly arena with both short practice matches within the social hub, and shooting ranges. In the short multiplayer matches veteran players are able to help teach newer, more inexperienced players, how to play better online. They can hand down any tips they have for specific matches and maps, as well as general help for playing.

The shooting ranges offer competition without the need to shoot at another player. Here players will compete for high scores and speed at completing the ranges, which could lead to them unlocking more as they get better.

There is also a not-so-subtle metagame being played between what could be more than just two headquarters. At certain points planes will fly overhead and drop bombs on the Headquarters, killing any troops unlucky enough to be in the way. After this troops will also be dropped onto the camp, where any players left alive need to defeat them in order to repel the attack.

No further details have been confirmed, though it looks as though there will be a constant battle for gaining ground within the Headquarters mode. The multiple camps may need to battle each other in order to win certain rewards on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on how Sledgehammer Games want the teams to compete.

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