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Xbox One Sales up 44% in the US

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Xbox One’s July 2015 wholesale sales figures have increased by a total of 44% compared to July 2014.

While the PS4 remains globally dominant still Microsoft have enjoyed a significantly better period this year, as the Xbox One sells an estimated 188,000 units. The global amount of Xbox Live users on both the One and 360 platforms were also up by a 2% increase.

Interestingly, Xbox 360 games had a surprising boost in US wholesale sales, which put them behind only the PS4 in terms of units sold. The market research analyst group NPD suggests that Microsoft’s Xbox 360 backwards compatibility encouraged people to buy older 360 games, knowing that they will be playable on the Xbox One.

The Xbox One and PS4 consoles have both made significantly bigger impacts on the market compared to their predecessor consoles. Their combined hardware sales are nearly 50% higher than the combined sales of the 360 and PS3 after a period of 21 months on the shelves.

PS4 was both the best-selling console, and was the platform that drew in the most software sales. A spokesperson said that Sony are “truly humbled” by their successes in the market.

US software sales for July totaled $184.4M, a slight year-on-year rise. Accessories sales climbed to $161.3M, up by 17%. The entire US wholesale games industry brought in a total of $541.9M, a year-on-year increase of 6%.

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