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Wargaming launch Guildford studio in the UK

Wargaming Office

Wargaming, the studio behind World of Tanks and World of Warships, has opened a new studio in Guildford, UK, establishing Wargaming UK.

This new studio has created more than 60 new positions, and will be joining a network of 18 more studios that stretch around the world, with 4500 employees in total. The developers say that they plan to double the headcount in their studios over the course of the next year.

The Guildford Wargaming studio will be responsible for creating a new IP. The game will be aimed at the next generation of free-to-play gamers, keeping in theme with the developers other popular IPs.

Dean Decker, Studio Head, explained that the new studio is in a unique position where they have full autonomy, as well as the backing of a large global company. Once the 30 positions that are currently open have been filled, the company wants to continue creating games of the high quality expected from Wargaming.

Wargaming CEO, Victor Kislyi, described how the UK studio is a huge and exciting step for Wargaming. The new project will apparently be huge, and extremely exciting for fans of free-to-play games hoping to invest in the next console generation.

To launch the studio, Wargaming held a 48 hour game jam. The event pitted teams of developers against one another, creating games from scratch in the short time frame in an effort to impress the judges, and hopefully come out on top.

One employee has described how employees are nurtured at Wargaming, and their skills developed with further learning and experience where necessary. This makes the new UK studio a very exciting and enjoyable place to work, with people who are passionate about games becoming developers as they’re enabled by Wargaming to take their hobby to the career level.

Wargaming has a portfolio of hugely successful free-to-play games, with World of Tanks being one of the biggest for Xbox One and PC. Whatever the UK studio creates for Project Scarlett and PlayStation 5, it’s sure to be just as popular and engaging as Wargaming’s other IPs, and able to take advantage of an already established fan base.

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