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UK Government Organise Games Fund Programme

UK Games Fund

The government of the United Kingdom has decided to set up a development fund worth £4M to help finance video game production.

Revealed in the Conservative Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne’s Summer Budget 2015, the UK Games Fund aims to boost the UK’s gaming industry by developing both businesses and home-grown talent.

In a similar vein to the European Union’s fund for games the UK Games Fund will inject cash into gaming projects, with grants ranging from £25,000 to £50,000.

The UK Games Fund aims to boost British game development across the whole board. Not only will they fund money to developing games, they will hold ‘challenge-based competitions’ for graduates and students. The project will also look into ways of funding other methods of support too.

By developing the capabilities of creative teams, the Fund wants to increase the chances for talented individuals to come together and create a substantially successful game. They will use the learning experiences gained in each project to develop business and personal practices in the UK games industry.

Applications for funding from the UK Games Fund are open now. Their games talent programmes and partners will be announced once finalised.

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