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Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 story details revealed

Ubisoft launched a new trailer for The Division 2, revealing brand new story details for the core storyline of The Division 2, and given an insight into some of the enemy factions players will be fighting against.

The trailer explains that The Division agents have moved from New York to Washington DC after the outbreak that nearly destroyed the country was stopped. The outbreak almost killed everyone in the US after being dropped at a store during the Black Friday holiday weekend.

During the course of the first game Division Agents were tasked with restoring order to New York, rescuing the right people to cure the outbreak in the process. After rebuilding society in New York, Division Agents have been tasked with doing the same over in Washington DC.

Things have moved on from the early days of the outbreak and confusion. In Washington the outbreak is gone but order is far from returned. The few survivors who aren’t part of one of the anarchic factions of the city have gathered together to defend themselves, and they need help.

Division Agents will be taking on at least three distinct factions in The Division 2. The True Sons are a group of paramilitary soldiers brought together and led by a former JTF officer. This faction are cunning and will use their military training and tactics against Division Agents. The Hyenas are a group of Raiders and scavengers taking advantage of the chaos around them. They’re ruthless in that they’ll attack anyone, no matter how innocent, and are at their most dangerous when out in a group. Finally there are the Outcasts, a radicalized group of religious believers who feel that they were wronged by being quarantined during the outbreak.

Each faction represents an area of the city, as they did in the first game, and a threat that must be overcome. Players will take on missions around the city to restore order and take back control from this group of enemies. Just like in the first game it’s likely that another enemy faction is pulling strings from elsewhere, and will rear their head sooner or later as order is restored to Washington.

The trailer ends by advertising the early access beta for The Division 2, which runs from February 7 to 10, 2019. This beta will be playable by anyone who pre-orders the game.

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