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The Division 2 multiplayer details released

Ubisoft has released a new video containing details about the multiplayer aspect of The Division 2. While the game is always online, and activities can be completed cooperatively with any other player, this video is an in-depth look at the PVP element of the game.

Unlike the first game, The Division 2 has three distinct Dark Zones, areas where players are able to help or hinder each other at will, each governed by a different set of rules. These Dark Zones are known as Dark Zone East, Dark Zone West, and Dark Zone South. In addition to this returning mechanic, The Division 2 features an organised PVP element, Conflict, with two game modes, Domination and Skirmish.

The concept of Dark Zones is that they are areas of Washington DC that are quarantined. These areas were full of the deadly virus that was the focus of the first game, but now they are areas where an untested chemical, DC62, was used to try to eradicate the virus. As it happens, the chemical is far more deadly. As a result these zones haven’t been scavenged, and are filled with powerful weapons and gear.

A returning mechanic for Dark Zones is that everything gathered within them must be extracted by a helicopter so it can be cleaned and cleared for use outside of the zone. While extracting these loot players are at their most vulnerable, and can be killed by other players, or have their loot stolen, or both.

When players kill other players they are classified as Rogue. There are now three levels of this status, one for those taking non-lethal actions against others, Rogue, one for those taking lethal action against others, Rogue Disavowed, and one for those killing multiple players, Manhunt Status. Those at this highest tier will be marked for all nearby players, and an order will go out to shut them down.

Each Dark Zone has its own unique environment, faction enemies, and locations to explore. There are varying levels of difficulty between them, including Occupied Dark Zones where there are no rules, and players are hunted down by other Division agents.

The new Conflict mode pits two teams of 4 players against one another in three unique maps. These maps are set outside of the main game area, and are specific to Conflict. Players will either need to take down enemies until their lives run out in Skirmish, or they must capture zones in order to win in Domination.

Ubisoft promise that PVP and Dark Zones will evolve after The Division 2 launches. New modes and maps will be added as part of post-launch content and as a result of player feedback. The publisher says that they are committed to making the game a place that players want to keep returning to day after day, forming their ideal experience.

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