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Street Fighter V Details Revealed

Street Fighter V

Capcom has just announced the first exclusive details of the story elements in their latest beat ‘em up, Street Fighter V.

A press release from the Japanese creators of the fighting games, as well as Devil May Cry and Resident Evil, bared a number of titbits on the game’s story, characters, and features.

Street Fighter V’s roster of characters will be a detailed selection, each with their own unique stories, roles and relations with others. Players will be able to work through a story mode with each character, which Capcom says are inspired by the art style of famous Japanese artist Bengus, a previous collaborator on the Street Fighter series.

However, the campaigns playable on the game’s release won’t constitute a fully-fledged campaign mode. Capcom says that each character story will be a “compelling prologue” to a cinematic story expansion, set for a current release date of June 2016. The story expansion will be free update for all owners of the game.

Chronologically, the story is set between the events of Street Fighters III and IV. Capcom notes that Street Fighter V is the first in the series that will let gamers play through a detailed cinematic story experience.

Capcom additionally revealed the inclusion of Fight Money, an in-game currency that allows players to purchase characters. These points are earned by completing character stories and other bits of single player content. Fight Money will be earnable from the game’s launch, although the in-game store will not be release until the first post-release content update in March.

Finally, a fourth beta was revealed in the press release. The final one planned, it will run over the 30th-31st January weekend. Capcom described this last beta as a bonus to all fans and supporters.

Street Fighter V, set for release on 16th February 2016, promises to deliver challenges to both newcomers and veterans to the series. Exclusive to PS4 and PC platforms, online gamers will be centralized into one cross-platform group.

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