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Star Wars: Squadron revealed

Yesterday EA released the first trailer for their latest Star Wars game. The game has been developed by EA Motive, and is called Star Wars: Squadron.

Star Wars: Squadron is a budget game in the Star Wars franchise that will include a single player campaign, multiplayer, and no microtransactions. On top of that, the game will be released for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and PSVR, all with crossplay fully supported.

The game puts players into the pilot stead of some of the most iconic ships in the Star Wars universe. The game revolves around space dog fights, pitting players in the Republic against the remaining forces of the Empire in the aftermath of the Return of the Jedi movie. However, players will take control of ships on both sides of this conflict in the single player and multiplayer sections of the game.

According to EA the game has a unique story, and introduces a cast of memorable characters and brand new locations within the Star Wars universe. No confirmation on whether or not the game is canon has been given as of yet, but given that EA owns the license for games in the franchise, it probably will be.

The key aspect of Star Wars: Squadron that most people are excited about is the multiplayer. This is EA’s chance to get things right, which they’re already doing with the lack of microtransactions. It’s still likely that the game will include seasons and season passes, similar to Fortnite, but that has become the norm, and is much preferred by players these days.

Battling other players online in dog fights in space, in the most iconic ships ever conceived, will be something that everyone wants to do. The game should prove to be very popular, particularly among Star Wars fans, and stands a good chance of continuing to be popular if it moves over to the next console generation.

Star Wars: Squadron is set to launch on October 2, 2020 this year. A gameplay premiere is planned for later this week, which will only further cement this as many people’s must play purchases for later this year.

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