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Significant Dip in Sega’s Quarterly Revenue


Sega’s quarterly financial reports indicate that the company have experienced a significant year-on-year decline in revenue by 41%.

Their $63.8M decline compared to the previous year’s period was down to poor performance in sales from their Pachislot and Pachinko division who make the slot machine gambling games that enjoy large popularity in Japan.

Sega attributed their lost profits to the lack of new Pachislot and Pachinko titles released during the period, as well as an overall decrease in the number of units sold. This lead to a year-on-year decline by 84% of the previous year’s income for the division.

Business was not all on the decline for Sega however, as their Entertainment Contents branch closed the gap of their losses from the previous year’s quarter. Responsible for games like Bayonetta, Total War and Phantasy Star, as well as mobile and arcade games, they recovered 5% of the previous year’s financial losses.

While there weren’t any significant console or arcade titles, their mobile games including Monster Gear and Hortensia Saga allowed the company to enjoy a period of growth.

Sega’s market research reports a steady decline in the Pachinko and Pachislot market due to a number of causes, such as changes to the gaming machines, changes in the operation of businesses and likely the influence of console gaming.

But with upcoming titles like Total War: Warhammer and Company Of Heroes 2: The British Forces on PC, it is probable that Sega will recoup some of their loss in profits further on in the financial year.

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