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Second Game in Platinum 4 Revealed by PlatinumGames

PlatinumGames has revealed the second game in the Platinum 4. The Platinum 4 are the four-game announcements that the company is making this year, which started with the Kickstarter campaign for The Wonderful 101 Remastered.

The second game was announced through the Japanese magazine Famitsu. The game is currently known as Project G.G. A trailer for the game has been released, but the Director, Hideki Kamiya, has made it very clear that this is a work in progress. The game will not be released for a number of years.

Project G.G. will be developed and published by PlatinumGames. The game is described as the third and final entry in Kamiya’s superhero trilogy, which has so far seen Viewtful Joe and The Wonderful 101.

In an interview on the game, Kamiya explained that the game will be like Ultraman for PlatinumGames. Ultraman is beloved in Japan, and highly influential, showing that this game is being built to be enjoyed by all gamers, and top sales charts.

Currently there are fifteen people working on Project G.G. However, PlatinumGames plans to expand that team considerably, putting more developers on the game and getting it up to the standards that they have set.

According to prominent Tweeter Wario64, the game is a big hero action game and is targeting all platforms. Wario64 also believes that the final two games in the Platinum 4 are new games and not ports. They also say that the final announcement is for a secret project that looks very interesting.

It’s impressive that PlatinumGames are working on so many new titles internally, with the intention of developing and self-publishing each one. On top of each of the Platinum 4 announcements, the developer is working on Bayonetta 3, which is going to be a Nintendo Switch exclusive game.

PlatinumGames has recently seen a successful new launch with the Vanquish and Bayonetta Tenth Anniversary Bundle. The Kickstarter campaign for The Wonderful 101 Remastered is also already fully funded, with more than £1 million pledged in support. So far 2020 is looking to be a very good year for them, as long as they can deliver on their promises.

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