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Ring Fit Adventure revealed as Nintendo’s latest fitness title

Nintendo has revealed their latest fitness game for Nintendo Switch, Ring Fit Adventure. This announcement follows a teaser video that the platform holder posted last week showing a number of people using the interesting new accessory.

Ring Fit Adventure changes the normal formula of Nintendo fitness games by allowing gamers to play an adventure game, as opposed to a purely fitness-focused experience. The game uses various forms of exercise to get players to move the protagonist and battle in combat, as well as focus purely on fitness goals should they wish to.

Ring Fit Adventure

The odd new accessory is called the Ring Con, which works in conjunction with a leg strap that has a holster for a Joy Con. Players put one Joy Con in each accessory, which in turn translates their movements and activity into Ring Fit Adventure.

Running on the spot will move the protagonist in Ring Fit Adventure forward along a set path. Nintendo pointed out that whilst players will normally be jogging on the spot, they can also enable a silent mode that will continue to engage their legs in exercise without causing the noise that running does.

Players will use the Ring Con to perform yoga moves, squeeze and stretch the accessory with both arms and legs, or squat whilst holding it in the correct position to perform moves in combat. Players will also use the Ring Con to engage their core and block incoming attacks in combat, ensuring that they are always performing some sort of exercise.

In addition to the adventure mode, players can choose to take part in specific exercises that focus on core areas of their body in shorter sessions. This mode is designed to give players the option to get some exercise into their day even if they don’t have time to play hours of Adventure mode.

Nintendo explained that Ring Fit Adventure contains about 40 different exercises that will work a player’s core, arms, legs, back, and just about every muscle in their body. The Ring Con can be calibrated to require more or less effort from players depending on their level of fitness. The level of activity required in all areas of the game can also be tweaked for any fitness levels.

Ring Fit Adventure launches on October 18, 2019 exclusively for Nintendo Switch. The game comes packaged with the Ring Con and leg strap. While no price has been confirmed at the moment, it’s likely that the title will cost around £60 or $80 due to the additional accessories.

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