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Remedy Entertainment work on Control multiplayer spin-off


Remedy Entertainment, creator of Alan Wake and Control, has signed a deal with publisher 505 Games to develop a multiplayer spin-off title within the Control universe. Technically speaking, this would also be part of the Alan Wake universe.

The multiplayer game will allow up to four players to work together against enemies within the environment, and is codenamed “Condor”. To be clear, this will not be a game that sees players battling each other, it will purely task players with fighting enemies they see in the game.

Condor will be released for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. Clearly, this is being built as a current-gen game, and will take full advantage of the technology available. Control itself was a huge success, spawning two DLCs and a new version for current-gen consoles with a particularly obtuse save importing system. The game is also one of the few available to stream as a cloud version on Nintendo Switch, though the quality there is far inferior to all other versions.

505 Games sees Condor as a title that has the potential to capture the interest of Control fans, but also multiplayer fans, and keep them all engaged over a longer period of time. There will almost certainly be some sort of battle pass system, events, and a lot of story to be told over the course of years through the aforementioned seasons.

In addition to Condor, a deal has been worked out that will see 505 Games and Remedy Entertainment further expand the Control universe. This will be achieved through a new, big budget title that will probably take the form of Control 2.

Control is an intriguing game that plays on mystery and keeps players engaged through incredibly clever puzzles. The lore of the world has been blended with that of Alan Wake, bringing in a host of new fans, and expanding the lore far beyond the single ever-changing building that Control is initially set in.

Players make use of fantastical weapons and powers while playing Control, and that will almost certainly be echoed in both Condor and whatever the next big budget title for the series ends up being.

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