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Red Dead Online leaves beta

Red Dead Online, the multiplayer element of Red Dead Redemption 2, has officially left the beta testing phase. Since the beta began in November last year a number of pieces of content have been added, and now it seems as though Rockstar Games are happy enough that it can leave the testing state.

As part of the move to an official release Rockstar Games have added new missions, free-roam activities, and a lot of in-game currency for anyone playing the game across Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Rockstar Games have also announced further content will be added over the coming weeks.

New free-roam missions will be familiar to most players, but other additions include the new Land of Opportunities missions, which change depending on how the player sides with the law. Three new Posse-versus contests have also been added to the game; fishing, herb picking, and bird shooting. On top of all of this a new Showdown mode called Overrun has been added, as well as five new Poker tables to challenge other players at.

Rockstar Games have also added a brand new mode to Red Dead Online. By default the game is played in Offensive, which allows players to fight with others at any point. The new mode, named Defensive, makes it much less likely that players will encounter other players in a PVP situation. The modes are based on tracking the aggression of other players and balancing each server’s world so that those who want to explore can do so without needing to be wary of combat at all times.

Rockstar Games have said that in addition to the coming weeks of content, three new roles will be added to Red Dead Online through this summer. Each new role will bring a new way of playing the game, and provide even more variety for those who might be reaching the end of what the game has to offer.

Red Dead Online is popular but it has yet to become as popular as Grand Theft Auto Online. Given that Grand Theft Auto 5 has now sold 110 million copies worldwide it’s hard to see any game outperforming its online element, but there’s still plenty of time for Red Dead Online.

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