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PlatinumGames opens a new Tokyo studio

PlatinumGames has announced that they’re opening a new Tokyo studio. According to a translation provided by Gematsu of an interview between PlatinumGames and Famitsu, this new studio will be working on Project G.G.

Project G.G. is the second game in the Platinum 4, the four games that PlatinumGames will be announcing in 2020. A teaser trailer for the game, the name of which is a working title, was released yesterday. In the trailer a huge monster is attacking a city, and a hero somehow grows to the same size as that monster before taking it on in battle.

The game is being hailed as the third and final entry in the Hideki Kamiya-directed superhero trilogy. This trilogy started with Viewtful Joe, and saw The Wonderful 101 come soon after.

Studio Head Atsushi Inaba explained that Project G.G. is currently in the project start phase. The developer is looking to put a team of 100 people together to work on it in the new studio in Tokyo. Currently there are 15 people working on the game, but that team will soon be expanded with new talent.

Kamiya separately explained that Project G.G. is going to be a different sort of game. He described how it will be the type of game that fans expect from PlatinumGames, but it’s also extremely different to anything they’ve done before. This will also be the first game that PlatinumGames have full control over, from design, through development, all the way to publishing.

PlatinumGames took investment from Tencent last month as part of their effort to begin self-publishing their games. Project G.G. is the developer’s proving ground in this new arena, and they’ll need to prove that they can handle themselves if they want to see further support from the industry as well as fans.

So far two of the Platinum 4 have been revealed. The final two are said to be brand new IPs for PlatinumGames, one of which is an incredibly interesting secret project. Time will tell exactly what these games are, and where they take the studio.

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