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No Man’s Sky NEXT update to revamp the game

Developer Hello Games revealed the first trailer for No Man’s Sky NEXT, the latest update which will launch for No Man’s Sky on July 24, 2018.

The biggest addition to the game with NEXT is multiplayer. From July 24th groups of players will be able to band together and build bases on planets, explore the universe, complete quests together, race, and whatever else they want.

This has been one of the biggest fan requests since the game launched two years ago. Hello Games did introduce a system in which players were able to leave nodes that indicated where they had been, but no instances of players in the same universe have ever been seen.

The terrain generation system has also been improved with NEXT. Planets will now offer better variety and realism in everything from ground textures and water, to atmospheric effects, foliage, and clouds. This should help make every planet feel individual and provide a better incentive to explore and find new worlds to explore and understand.

Ships and NPC buildings have also seen a visual overhaul. This should make the universe feel more like there’s a budding ecosystem of traders surviving around players as they explore and establish themselves.

The trailer briefly showed an underwater base, something that’s never been possible in No Man’s Sky. Now however, Hello Games have confirmed that players can build anywhere they want to, and with a lot more variation. This opens the game up to almost Minecraft levels of building potential if a planet can support that many structures. Bases can be constructed across planets and linked together, whereas before players were forced to build one main base that they would have to rebuild if they found a better planet.

Frigates can now be constructed, customised, and controlled from they player’s own command ship.This allows players to move huge amounts of resources from sector to sector and make ridiculous amounts of currency in the process.

Multiplayer missions will also be available for players to complete should they want to. A fleet of freighters will somehow help players explore sectors of space. Hello Games have emphasised that this is still just a step in the continued support they’ll provide for No Man’s Sky.

Since launch it’s been clear that No Man’s Sky was forced into release far too early. Many features were missing, to the point that some boxed versions had multiplayer listed as a feature when it was obviously not in the game.

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