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Nioh 2 goes gold

Nioh 2

One month before it launches on March 13, 2020, Nioh 2 has gone gold. This means that the game will definitely be released on time, unlike many games that have already been delayed from their initial March release windows.

When a game goes gold it means that development work has officially been completed. This is the point when code will usually be sent out prior to distribution on box physical discs and digital storefronts. However, when a game goes gold it allows developers to put more work into fixing any unseen bugs through further testing. This provides a much better day one experience, and should help remove issues that may affect review scores.

Nioh 2 is the sequel to the original Nioh, an action RPG soulslike. Nioh 2 is actually set before the first game though, and opens up a number of areas that the first game was very strict on compared to others in the genre, such as character creation for example.

Not only is it possible to create a character in Nioh 2, that character has access to Yokai abilities. Yokai are the demons walking the land at the time the game is set, when all the clans in Japan are at war with one another.

The new Yokai abilities give players more power to play with, but Team Ninja have made enemies far more challenging as a result of this increased power. While in the first game enemies could create pools of the demon world around them, there are entire rooms and areas filled with that same aura in Nioh 2. The demon aura makes healing and stamina regeneration much more difficult for players, and decreases their damage while buffing enemy attacks.

Nioh 2 is a highly anticipated game for soulslike fans. Since Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice from From Software and The Surge 2 from Deck 13, there hasn’t been another game to scratch that same itch. Nioh 2 promises loads more action RPG gameplay, but with a few new elements that completely transform the way that players need to approach each combat situation. Combined with dozens of new bosses to compete with, Nioh 2 will be a game that is talked about for the rest of 2020.

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