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Nintendo Switch sales reach 19.67 million

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo have announced that Nintendo Switch console sales have now reached 19.67 million units sold worldwide. This was the current number of units sold up until June 30, 2018, which means it’s quite likely increased further and is much closer to 20 million by now.

In addition to getting even close to the milestone of 20 million units sold Nintendo also confirmed that 86.93 million software units have been sold for the Nintendo Switch. This number is closing in fast on the lifetime software sales for the Nintendo Wii U, which sold a total of 102.28 million software units.

While the Nintendo Switch is well ahead of the lifetime sales of the Nintendo Wii U, which sold a total of 13.56 million units, it’s still got a way to go to beat any other Nintendo hardware. The next Nintendo console the Switch would sell more from if it continues to see this level of hardware sales is the Nintendo Gamecube, which sold a total of 21.74 million units.

The Nintendo Switch sold so well at launch that consoles were hard to find in both physical and online retail stores. Now Nintendo have caught up with the demand, and adjusted their estimated sales for the current financial year accordingly. Nintendo predicted that the Switch would sell 20 million units by the end of the financial year ending March 31, 2019, which the manufacturer is currently on track to beat before the holiday season.

The Nintendo Switch is selling far better than expected, but there are some potentially troubling signs for the console’s future on the software side. Nintendo Labo released earlier this year to what appeared to be underwhelming sales, however the game has continued to sell consistently since its release and has become a staple game for most Switch owners.

It appears as though Nintendo is investing heavily in the Nintendo Switch, aiming to eventually release 20-30 games a week on the console’s eShop. There are also a number of big titles such as a new mainline Pokemon RPG, and Metroid Prime 4 slated for release in 2019, which will help driving hardware sales even further.

The release of triple A titles, such as Octopath, are also proving gamers that the Nintendo Switch is a console worth investing in. As long as these titles continue to release regularly Nintendo Switch should have no problems beating its sales projections.

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