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Nintendo Switch 2 rumored to feature larger 1080p screen, magnetic Joy-Cons, & new Game Paks

Nintendo Switch

It’s been a long time coming but finally, it appears that some credible details about the Nintendo Switch 2 have just been leaked. The information comes in the form of an unexpected – yet legitimate – source, a Facebook post by a company named Mobapad.

The China-based manufacturer produces alternative Joy-Con controllers for the Nintendo Switch and revealed in its post some very interesting potential features of the highly-anticipated upcoming console.

Despite the reveal downplaying the Switch 2 as more of a moderate upgrade and refined ‘Pro-like’ version of the original Switch rather than a completely new console, details of its prospective features are certainly worth noting.

For starters, the Nintendo Switch 2 will come with an upscaled 1080p screen resolution, compared to the original’s 720p max. The report also implied that the screen will also be appreciably larger than its predecessor.

Further disclosure also indicated that game cartridges for the Switch 2 will be a new designer, and will not work in the original console. However, there is expected to be an additional ‘Game Pak’ slot for older model switch games. Full backwards compatibility for all original Nintendo Switch physical and digital games is also expected to be available without any issues.

According to Mobapad, the Switch 2 will also be compatible with all current Joy-Con and Pro controllers, including the ones made by them. However, it doesn’t look as though the original Joy-Cons will fit into the new Switch, as the new gamepads are forecast to be smaller in size and connected by a magnetic mechanism.

On a brighter note, owners of an original Switch console will be able to use their previous console docks for the new Switch, as it will also use a USB-C charging port. With that said, you can fully expect a number of new designs and upgraded docks to also be available for purchase, but at least these won’t be necessary for switch gamers who already own a dock.

After the announcement was first made public, it was quickly edited to remove all these details and features concerning the Nintendo Switch 2. Since the post, Nintendo has yet to respond, neither confirming nor denying any of the proposed specs.

With Nintendo recently announcing that it will not be attending Gamescom this year and suggestions that the Nintendo Switch 2 will not be launching until March 2025 at the earliest, this post by Mobapad is at least something for Switch fans to get excited about. And who knows, maybe it will even prompt Nintendo to drop some news about the console themselves.

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