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Nintendo Sells 10M Units in Q1 2015

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The Wii-U breaks the 10 million units sold barrier in Nintendo’s most profitable Q1 period since 2012.

Nintendo’s latest console sold 470k units during Q1, which helped to propel them over the 10M mark. This was bolstered by the release of Splatoon, which sold 1.62 million copies during the same period. The Wii-U’s game sales hit a total of 4.55 million units.

Despite its 10 million milestone, Wii-U console sales are down since the last year in which it sold 510k units.

The net sales for Nintendo’s Q1 period increased by just over 20% to $729 million. Nintendo’s total profits for Q1 totalled $67 million.

While the Wii-U is not selling in the amounts of the console market leading PS4, 10M consoles sold is still an impressive feat for the Japanese gaming giant.

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