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New details for The Last Of Us Part 2 revealed

In Sony’s recent State of Play livestream, Naughty Dog showed off some new details and gameplay for their upcoming release, The Last Of Us Part 2.

Among the new details was an explanation of the game’s environments. Taking a cue from Uncharted 4, the game will feature some of the largest areas ever built by the company. As such, players will use a horse and ropes to thoroughly explore all areas, uncovering new content as they do.

The center of the game’s story, Seattle, is home to two warring factions. The first of these are the Washington Liberation Front. This group began as a resistance against the military in the area, and did eventually gain control. They kill any trespassers on sight, and patrol the city relentlessly.

The second group is known as the xerophytes. This is a religious group that is also known as the scars, for the deep cuts they make on their faces. This group is stealthier than the Washington Liberation Front, making them more deadly in overgrown areas.

The infected are the third threat, one that is always present. Naughty Dog has added some new versions of the infected to the first game’s four core enemies, making them even more deadly, requiring players to outthink and outgun them.

Environments are now far more dynamic in the game. Ellie can break a window in order to escape her enemies, opening up a new route for sneaking around later. It also looks like taking the initiative and killing enemies head on, as opposed to stealth, is much more viable in this game.

The crafting and upgrade system from the original game has also seen an overhaul. Ellie has a much wider range of skills and weapons to work with, but players will never be able to upgrade them all. Every choice to upgrade a skill or weapon will have an impact on the rest of the game, one that cannot be changed later on.

The State of Play ended with an extended sequence of never before seen gameplay, wowing fans without spoiling the story. The game is easily one of the most highly-anticipated of the year, and should sell well when the release date of the 19th of June rolls around.

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