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Monster Hunter World hits 13 million copies sold

The online monster hunting phenomenon, Monster Hunter World, has reached a new milestone ahead of the game’s first large-scale expansion. The official Monster Hunter World Twitter account has confirmed that the game has now sold more than 13 million copies worldwide.

Since the game launched on January 28, 2018, Monster Hunter World has now sold more than 13 million copies around the world. While the split between physical and digital copies hasn’t been detailed, it’s likely that the game has sold well across both, particularly given that the first major expansion is due for release soon.

As a result of this massive new milestone, Capcom have announced a special period of rewards for Monster Hunter World players. From the 25th of July until the 29th of August, all players of Monster Hunter World will receive some incredibly useful items as their daily login bonus.

The items being added to the daily login bonus include; Attack Jewels, Appreciation Tickets, Silver Eggs, Gold Wyverian Pints, and Heavy Armour Spheres. Some of these items are rare crafting materials, which will help players create the most sought-after armour in the game, while others provide powerful buffs for use on hunts.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne will launch on September 6, 2019, bringing an entirely new region, campaign full of missions, and, most importantly, a whole host of new monsters for players to hunt.

Monster Hunter World already has a huge number of large-scale monsters to track down and kill for crafting materials, but Iceborne will add entirely new ones. These new monsters will present different challenges for players to overcome, since each one will have its own unique attack patterns and behaviours, which can make them quite hard to track.

Since Monster Hunter World launched it’s become one of the biggest commercial successes of all time for Capcom. As an MMO, the game sees players return to login each day, even if it’s just for the bonuses. The way in which progression is defined in the game also benefits the community, requiring players to work together rather than go it alone, making it more accessible than many other MMOs.

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