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Microsoft to Stop Reporting Console Sales Figures

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Reports from an insider source suggest that Microsoft will no longer be reporting the figures for Xbox One sales.

Gameinformer indicated that Microsoft’s financial results have stopped including the number of console units sold and that they will instead be focusing on user engagement, primarily pertaining to Xbox Live member statistics.

Microsoft’s decision to stop reporting console sales could be related to the flagging sales of Xbox One in comparison to PS4’s sales. Xbox boss Phil Spencer has previously been quoted saying that catching up with Sony’s figures is not a priority for Microsoft.

While console sales are down for Microsoft–most likely due to the Xbox 360 being left behind–the membership figures for Xbox Live are totalling around 39 million unique users in a month-long period.

The move away from looking at the hard number of units sold to focusing on the number of Xbox Live users could suggest that Microsoft aim to deepen the level of integration between the Xbox console, Live and the Windows OS.

According to Microsoft’s financial results, Xbox console sales are dropping while Xbox Live membership is rising significantly.

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