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Microsoft Introduce Project X-Ray Demo with HoloLens Development Edition

Microsoft has revealed the future of gaming with a stunning demonstration of augmented reality gaming, made possible with their proprietary HoloLens headset device.

As seen in the below video of the demo, Microsoft’s Project X-Ray ‘mixed reality’ game shows how enemy robot spiders come to life, crawling about the furniture and walls. Enemies appear to smash through the walls and are able to move all around the sofa on the stage.

The game’s AI is able to adapt strategies according to the unique layout and furniture of any room, meaning that everyone’s experience of the game will be unique and customised to your own surroundings. HoloLens lets players move freely about their room, being able to attack in any direction.

A ‘wearable’ holographic glove is used to fire lasers at the enemies, and moves in real time as your arm does. The Project X-Ray demo also shows the player ducking down behind a large shield to protect himself from more powerful attacks.

Unfortunately for gamers, HoloLens is not going to be available for customers for a while to come yet. However, the HoloLens Development Edition will be released for developers in the United States and Canada from the first quarter of 2016.

To qualify for getting your hands on the device potential buyers will need to be North American game developers who are part of the Windows Insider programme. They will also have to fork out $3000 per device, at a limit of two devices per application.

Microsoft’s HoloLens promises to be at the forefront of holography, and aims to revolutionise the way we play games. Based on the Project X-Ray demo, holographic technology is sure to be a giant leap into the future.

The Project’s Twitter Account: @HoloLens

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