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London Games Festival Announces Five Events

London Games

Five conferences have been announced to be held during the upcoming London Games Festival, which will delve into some of the most pressing and cutting edge aspects of the gaming industry.

The summits have been revealed to focus on topics such as virtual reality, competitive eSports, finance, audio and culture.

These special events promise provide valuable insights into the latest developments of the gaming industry, as well as the social and cultural impact video games have. The lectures will combine appearances from industry experts, who will deliver accessible and entertaining talks for both hardcore gamers and interested amateurs alike.

London Games Festival’s website unveiled the details of the five summits. The first is the Virtual Reality Summit, to be held on 4th April at the BFI Southbank. This talk aims to combine the realms of gaming, film and VFX, whereby experts from each of these three areas discuss the burgeoning virtual reality sector. They will also showcase the latest games and technology in the field.

The second is the Games Audio Summit, also held on the same day and at the same location as the previous. Visitors to this summit will learn about ‘one of the industry’s most creative communities’ through the use of music, sound effects and voice acting in games.

The Games Finance Summit—5th April, The Grange City Hotel—appears to be more specifically aimed at developers. This event will allow developers to learn and gain experience in the various types of funding and finance available from investors.

For competitive gamers, the eSports Summit will be an invite-only talk to offer insight into how the eSports field can grow and develop, provide better treatment for gamers and create opportunities for non-game companies.

Finally, the Games Culture Summit will focus on the cultural aspects of gaming. Leading creative and cultural institutions will examine the issues around the archiving and curating of culturally important games.

The London Games Festival, financed by the office of the Mayor of London, will be held over the first ten days of April 2016. Tickets are on sale now, with a special discount price of £10 for students.

London Games

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