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Inside Xbox May 2020

Yesterday Microsoft held an Inside Xbox event, showcasing some details about the Xbox Series X, and revealing a number of new games for the console. In amongst the reveals were new trailers or confirmations that previously announced games will come to the console as well.

Microsoft explained that all of the thirteen games that were shown during the event were Xbox Series X optimized. This means that the games take advantage of the additional power available on the console, with up to 4K resolution, 120 FPS, DirectX raytracing, incredibly fast load times, and so much more.

The company also confirmed that nine games will make use of their Smart Delivery service. This is a service that allows users to upgrade their Xbox One version of a game to an Xbox Series X version for free. Among the games that were already confirmed for Smart Delivery are Cyberpunk 2077.

The thirteen games confirmed for Xbox Series X during yesterday’s event were as follows.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla
Having revealed the game a week prior, Ubisoft described how the first gameplay reveal for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla would be during this event. Unfortunately the actual trailer itself was rather short, but it did show the game running in-engine.

Bright Memory: Infinite
In Bright Memory: Infinite, players will travel the world in order to try to uncover what the mysterious phenomenon in the sky is. It’s a supernatural first person shooter that looks to rekindle the intrigue inspired by games like Psi-Ops, featuring influences from titles such as Control.

Call of the Sea
Set in the 1930s, Call of the Sea is a first person adventure puzzle game. Players will head out on a journey as Norah in search of her husband’s lost expedition. Along the way, Norah discovers that not everything is as it seems, and she starts to pass into another world.

As Nara, an ace pilot, and Forsaken, a sentient ship, players will embark on an intense journey through space that’s packed with battles which make any bullet-hell shooter look calm. The game is a new IP from Deep Silver, and looks to tell a redemptive story in a dark universe.

DiRT 5
With a new generation of consoles comes a new generation of racing games, starting with DiRT 5. The game is packed with innovations on the genre that will make this the definitive racing game on Xbox Series X.

Madden NFL 21
EA is keen to bring their sports titles to next-generation consoles and gamers. With Madden NFL 21, the series has been pushed to the next level, providing the definitive experience for any Xbox Series X player.

Scarlet Nexus
Scarlet Nexus brings a twist to the well-trodden cyberpunk setting with psychic abilities. Set in a brain punk world, players will seek to become the ultimate warrior with psychic abilities and military training, hoping to one day save someone else as they were saved as a child.

Scorn is a first person horror adventure game set in a gruesome world. Players will find nothing they recognise here, and they must work out how to solve puzzles, evade enemies, and navigate the laws of nature in a place that they don’t understand.

Second Extinction
Second Extinction is the first cooperative multiplayer game seen for next-generation consoles. The game allows up to three players to work together as they take down hordes of dinosaurs, which have overtaken a planet. It promises to be an experience that players will come back to over and over again.

The Ascent
In a world where everyone is owned, the largest mega corporation has just collapsed. Now the city has been thrown into chaos, and players need to navigate that chaos without ending up dead, or owned by someone else.

The Medium
With a soundtrack designed by the composer for the Silent Hill series, The Medium looks to be the definitive psychological horror experience on Xbox Series X. Players take on the role of a medium who keeps seeing things across two worlds, which is why she seeks out the reason for a child’s death.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2
The sequel to the cult classic, in Bloodlines 2 players will be doing much the same as they did in the original, stalking the streets at night and trying not to ruin The Masquerade. The gameplay trailer showed powers and abilities that make it look very similar to the Dishonored games, but there is also a deep vampiric conspiracy in the background.

Yakuza: Like A Dragon
The latest game in the Yakuza series will now be coming to Xbox Series X as well. The franchise is already incredibly popular, and this move makes it accessible to a brand new audience. Not only that, but the game will have Smart Delivery as well.

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