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Hori announce Joy-Con controller with D-Pad

J-Con D-Pad

Third party manufacturer Hori has announced a Joy-Con Controller that gives those who’ve longed for a true D-Pad on the Nintendo Switch just what they’ve wanted.

Hori Japan Tweeted about the new controller which will be releasing in Japan this July. The Joy-Con Controller is navy blue and features the D-Pad in place of the button’s usually found on the left hand Joy-Con. This will be the company’s fourth Nintendo Switch accessory release, having already produced a Pro Controller, a Pokken Tournament Pro Pad Controller, and an Arcade Fighting Stick Controller.

Currently there is no word on when the controller will release in Europe or the US, if ever. However it’s hard to imagine Hori restricting the new Joy-Con Controller to Japan given that the D-Pad is a feature that many western gamers would appreciate on their Nintendo Switch.

While there is no real problem with the current Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controllers the D-Pad is a staple feature on almost every single video game console. From the Nintendo Entertainment System to the Gamecube, Xbox 360, and even the Playstation 4 Pro the D-Pad is used for all sorts of things on all sorts of systems.

The Nintendo Switch hasn’t suffered despite the lack of a D-Pad however. In fact the console recently had the best launch year compared to most recent releases, becoming Nintendo fastest-selling console in the company’s history. A great mix of new IPs, remakes, and new additions to fan favourite series has seen it grow in popularity even more.

With many new titles on the way for the console this year, including a new Smash Bros game, a D-Pad would go a long way to helping players feel more in control. As a brawler the Smash Bros series in particular will only benefit from this new accessory from Hori, but there are other titles which will find it useful as well. Games such as Stardew Valley could use the more accurate control in instances when players need to move their cursor or characters only slightly in a very specific direction, something the Joysticks aren’t great at.

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