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Google Stadia Founder’s Edition sells out in Europe

Google Stadia Founder’s Edition

Google has revealed that one of their starter bundles for the upcoming Google Stadia game streaming service has sold out in Europe.

“I’m super proud to tell you that the Founders Edition for Stadia has sold out in Europe,” Google director for games James Buser said. He indicated that the company will now remove the bundle from EU storefronts and will replace it with a new bundle called the Premier Edition.

The Founder’s Edition, which is still available in other markets, including the US, cost €129 in Europe ($129.99 in the United States). The Premier Edition, which has thus far only been confirmed for the European market, will retail at the same price but contain slightly different content.

The Founder’s Edition comes with a three-month subscription to Stadia Pro (normally $9.99/month) and a “Buddy Pass” that can be given to a friend to allow them three months access as well. The package also comes with a ChromeCast Ultra, a Night Blue limited-edition Stadia controller and the option for the purchaser to claim a username on Stadia ahead of any non-Founder’s Edition owners.

The Premier Edition comes with the same content except for a few notable exceptions. This edition will not include the Buddy Pass or username priority. The controller for the package will be white rather than blue.

The Premier Edition will also ship at a later date than the Founder’s Edition. Google have not confirmed dates for either pack, other than the fact they are likely to be in November around the time the service launches.

It should be mentioned that neither the Founder’s Edition or the Premier Edition will be necessary to use Google Stadia Pro when it launches in November 2019. Monthly subscriptions can be purchased to use the service.

A free version of Stadia, known as Stadia Base, will follow in 2020.

The industry will keep a keen eye on Stadia in the first few months following its launch. Will it herald the transition to cloud gaming or will it suggest that the revolution is still a few years away?

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