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GameStop requires face masks for customers

GameStop has announced that they require customers to wear face masks when they visit one of their stores. This is to help avoid the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), should anyone test positive following their attendance at the store. However, reports have emerged that show that the company won’t allow employees to enforce this rule.

A press release from the company explains that the new requirement for customers to wear face masks will be implemented from July 27, 2020. This deadline is to give employees a chance to alert their customers through signage, and give managers some time to put added training into place.

Interestingly some employees have spoken out on the matter, describing how GameStop won’t allow them to enforce this policy by refusing to serve customers without face masks. This is all collected in a report from Kotaku.

An internal memo, which was not intended to be released to the public, shows that GameStop management have told employees to either offer complimentary face masks, or suggest an alternate shopping method. If however, that customer refuses to wear a mask, or escalates the situation, then the employee should stay calm and ask what they can help with, getting the customer’s needs served as quickly as possible.

The decision that GameStop is making comes at a time when most major retailers around the world are enforcing a face mask policy. While this is a result of most stores trying to protect their staff, in some states this is a mandatory law. GameStop had no problem forcing employees to break the pandemic laws earlier on in the year, so this is nor surprise. It is incredibly dangerous for anyone within their premises though.

Reports from other stores have seen customers turn violent, even attacking store employees when asked to wear a face mask or leave.

In the UK it will soon be illegal to go into a supermarket without a face mask. Doing so will result in a £100 fine for each incident. While this isn’t enforced for all retail stores, it will go some of the way to protecting retail staff from the more extreme elements of their customer base. Unfortunately for GameStop staff, there will still be some stores where it’s possible to enter the premises without a face mask for now.

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