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FIFA 21 revealed


During their EA Play 2020 livestream, the publisher officially revealed FIFA 21, the next game in their hugely popular football franchise.

FIFA 21 will launch on October 9, 2020, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. It has also been confirmed that the game will launch for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X when they release later this year.

The game will be available in three editions. The first is the standard edition, which will simply be the base game of FIFA 21 with no bonuses. However, for Nintendo Switch the game will only be available as a Legacy Edition, which will be missing certain features found on all other platforms. This is the same FIFA experience, but with no gameplay innovations found in other versions. These editions will cost £54.99, with the Nintendo Switch version being slightly less at £44.99.

The next edition of FIFA 21 is the Champions Edition. Anyone who pre-orders this edition will get 3 days early access to the game, 1 Gold Rare FIFA Ultimate Team pack per week for 12 weeks, Cover Star Loan Item for 5 FIFA Ultimate Team matches, Career Mode Homegrown Talent, FIFA Ultimate Team Ambassador Player Pick, and special FIFA Ultimate Team kits and stadiums. This edition costs £79.99.

The third and final edition of FIFA 21 is the Ultimate Edition. This includes all of the bonuses found in the Champions Edition, with one key change. Instead of one pack per week for 12 weeks, players will receive 2 packs per week of FIFA Ultimate Team Gold packs. Certain retailers are also offering a limited-time pre-order bonus with this edition. The bonus will net anyone that pre-orders an untradable FIFA Ultimate Team 21 Ones To Watch Item. This edition is the most expensive at £89.99.

The innovations made in FIFA 21 haven’t been outlined just yet, but they’re likely to be similar to those made every year. These would include better ball control, more tricks, and a few new game modes. Many fans will be hoping for a continuation of The Journey campaign mode, because this ongoing story was actually well-loved among dedicated fans.

FIFA 21 - Reveal - PS4 FIFA 21 - Reveal - Xbox One FIFA 21 - Reveal - Legacy - Switch

Wholesale quantities of FIFA 21 can be pre-ordered from selected distributors.

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