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Fallout 4 Survival Mode Details Leaked

Fallout 4 - Survival Mode

Details about the new upcoming Survival mode in Fallout 4 have been found by a gamer, who found them while searching for info in the game’s files on PC.

Survival mode will add in a whole new way of playing Bethesda’s latest open-world RPG, much like the hardcore mode from Obsidian’s Fallout New Vegas. The leak was reported in a post on Reddit, which including information about all the new aspects to be included.

Promising to significantly alter Fallout 4’s gameplay, the optional Survival mode is said to appeal to those who are after a “more brutal take” on the post-apocalyptic wastelands of Boston. The changes brought into Survival will affect everything from saving, equipment, character stats and combat.

Saving the game will be vastly altered. Once Survival mode is activated both manual saving and quicksaving will be completely disabled. Players will only be able to save the game by finding a bed and sleeping for at least an hour. Beds in Fallout 4 can be found spread out through the Commonwealth in friendly settlements, abandoned shelters or other encampments. The type of bed you sleep in will now affect the length of time you can sleep for.

Another major aspect is the Adrenaline perk, which will give players bonuses to weapon damage. To increase the perk’s rank, and therefore damage, players must gain kills. Sleeping for extended lengths of time will lower the rank. Additionally combat will be made more lethal for both the player and their enemies.

Like in New Vegas’ hardcore mode, players must ensure to stay fed, hydrated and rested to ensure success. Neglecting these three needs will reduce SPECIAL stats, lower immunity and add fatigue. Immunity will allow you to resist diseases, which can be caught by eating bad food, taking damage from diseased creatures and using harmful Chems. Fatigue is a new feature that works like exactly the same as radiation, except it will affect AP rather than health.

The final main changes include no fast travel, weighted ammunition, craftable and purchasable antibiotics, crippled limbs that no longer heal automatically, and stat and limb damage from exceeding carry weight.

Eurogamer reported that no firm release date has been made for the Survival mode update. It may well come alongside or before the release of the first DLC pack, Automatron, which will launch in March 2016. Three pieces of DLC have been announced so far.

Survival Mode

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