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E3 reveals and announcements coming soon

E3 Mozaic

Senior Analyst at Niko Partners Daniel Ahmad has made a very interesting post on Twitter regarding the announcements that would have been at this year’s E3 event.

In his post, Ahmad explains that with E3 being canceled, many of the announcements and reveals that were planned for the event are going to happen a lot sooner. Of course, he adds that some of the announcements will be a lot later as well. With the event itself no longer restricting game companies, it seems as though all of the news that was planned for that single week has been moved to the most convenient time for them.

E3 has been the highlight of the gaming calendar for decades now. The event seens major announcements and reveals such as new consoles, but it also hosts smaller indie games from unknown developers too.

For some companies, the event is poorly placed though. This forces some announcements to be made too early. Other reveals or new gameplay footage is also sometimes shown too early, simply because a game developer is being pushed to have something to show at this specific point in the year. Often this results in game announcements being poorly received.

Now that E3 is cancelled, game developers and publishers can make all of the announcements and reveals that they want, when they want. This also applies to next-generation games and consoles.

In his post, Ahmad describes how next-generation game announcements and reveals should come a lot sooner than E3’s planned dates because of the cancellation. This may be because the developers are more than ready to show their game, having planned for the new consoles and E3 2020 for years in advance.

Next-generation game reveals need to go well, because they’ll be part of what sways consumers when it comes to investing in a new console. Some sources close to the PlayStation 5 have expressed concerns over the price, and many people feel the same way about the Xbox Series X. If there are games that people want to play, then they might spend more than they would have on a new console just to play them.

But time to get excited about those announcements is needed, which is why an earlier announcement would work better for Sony and Microsoft.

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