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Death Stranding is releasing on November 8, 2019


In a unique reveal event a new trailer for Death Stranding has been revealed, and the game’s release date announced.

Yesterday the official Death Stranding Twitch channel saw over 50,000 viewers slowly build up over the course of the day as the channel came to life. Initially the channel showed a trailer mostly covered by a black overlay, with a handprint in the center revealing the trailer behind. As more viewers joined the stream more handprints were added, showing more of the trailer to those watching. Eventually the handprints disappeared to reveal the full 8 minute trailer for Death Stranding.

The trailer revealed a lot of new information about the game, including characters and the actors behind them. Protagonist Sam is played by Norman Reedus, Cliff by Mads Mikkelsen, fragile by Lea Seydoux, Mama by Margaret Qually, Deadman by Guillermo Del Toro, Heartman by Nicolas Winding Refn, Die-Hardman by Tommie Earl Jenkins, Higgs by Troy Baker, and Amelie by Lindsay Wagner.

The gameplay shown in the trailer, coupled with Hideo Kojima’s explanation as the game’s creator, paints a picture of a world that is fragmented in both physical space, and in some other form. As Sam players will reunite the pockets of humanity and the cities they live in, fighting against a malevolent and unseen force that uses both people and creatures as weapons.

Death Stranding’s gameplay is heavily focused on exploration, with combat and shooting also having a place in certain areas. With the game being a creation from the mind of the man who created the Metal Gear Solid franchise, stealth seems to also play a big part in the game. Whether avoiding enemies in battles, or sneaking around the mysterious and supernatural creatures that plague the world, players will definitely have to be careful if they are going to survive in Death Stranding.

At the end of the new trailer the release date for Death Stranding was announced, November 8, 2019. Soon after this announcement retailers put up their store pages for three different versions of the game. The standard edition of Death Stranding comes with the game only, the Limited Edition includes in-game extras and a steelbook case, and the Collector’s Edition packs in more physical merchandise such as a life-size BB. The Collector’s Edition is already sold out in most retailers.

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