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Days Gone goes gold

Days Gone

The latest PlayStation 4 exclusive, Days Gone, has gone gold, meaning Sony Bend has finally completed development on the game. The news was shared on the official Sony Bend Twitter account, and the team couldn’t be happier to be this prepared prior to the game’s release.

When a game goes gold it means the developers have completed work on it, and it can be sent to manufacturers so that production on final physical discs can begin. Of course Sony will probably continue fixing bugs and working on a day one patch for the title between now and release day, but since the game doesn’t require an online connection to be played it will be possible to play right out of the box.

Days Gone is a post-apocalyptic survival game centered around a biker in America. Soon after the game begins the protagonist, Deacon St. John, has his motorbike stolen, resulting in players spending the rest of the game trying to build a new one.

The bike is central to Days Gone’s gameplay, since players need to use to outrun the hordes of Freakers, the game’s zombies, around the world. Various infected animals will also chase players down, but on the bike they are able to outrun them with few problems.

Players will follow the story of Deacon St. John as he travels the world clearing out Freakers, rescuing survivors, and taking down groups of a dangerous cult that has sprung up around the various locations in the game.

The open world has many familiar tropes from recent open world games, such as the crafting from Horizon Zero Dawn, and the stealth takedown mechanics of the Far Cry series.

Days Gone has been in development for a number of years, and has been delayed in the past leading to many people thinking it might never see a release. Usually when a game is delayed for so long it ends up looking and feeling outdated when it eventually releases. However, Days Gone looks to be just as good and modern as any other release planned for 2019.

Days Gone releases on the 26th of April for PlayStation 4 exclusively.

Days Gone - PS4

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