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Battlefield 5 revealed

Last night Electronic Arts officially revealed Battlefield 5 with a new gameplay trailer, as well as giving out some further details about what Battlefield 5 will be when it launches later this year.

In line with the teaser trailer released earlier, Battlefield 5 will be returning to World War 2, moving on from the setting of last year’s entry to the series. The gameplay trailer showed cinematic views of a battle in progress with a number of soldiers, mimicking the large scale 64 player multiplayer matches the games are known for.

The reveal trailer showed off a few new features coming to Battlefield 5, such as the ability to knock structures down far faster and easier than before by, for example, driving a tank through them. Players will also now be able to fall into prone positions and continue firing at enemies from all directions, allowing for more tactical options around the battlefield.

The biggest news in terms of gameplay is the new Grand Operations mode. In this multiplayer match players will take on a battle that lasts four fictional days and several stages. Early matches in this mode will see players acting as paratroopers, spotting enemies and structures around the map as a form of reconnaissance. This will then determine different variables over the course of the rest of the game modes, such as how many respawns your team will get on the second or third day. The final day is made up of a Final Stand mode, which is a sudden death match where there are no respawns.

Many quality of life improvements are being made to the game in this entry as well. Player progression is being enhanced with the power to customize an entire squad, who will be taken through the campaign, co-op, and online. Weapons and the player character are also highly customizable, but now too are the vehicles players can call into the battlefield. Healing teammates has also been drastically improved with the ability to drag players to safety before healing them, allowing players to get their friends out of the way of enemy fire to avoid them being shot and downed once they’re up.

No mention of the rumored Battle Royale mode was heard from the reveal event, but EA have said before that the game mode would be a natural fit for the series. Earlier this year EA told press that the Battle Royale mode they have planned for the game won’t be releasing at launch, and instead will come as part of a later update to the game for free, along with most of the other additional content for Battlefield 5 since there will be no premium pass. The premium pass has long been an issue for Battlefield game players, but now updates will come as part of Tides of War, EA’s new content support scheme for Battlefield 5.

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