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Batman Arkham Knight Limited Edition Delayed

Batman Arkham Knight Limited Edition

Batman Arkham Knight Limited Edition, which includes a a statue, a steelbook case, a comic book, an artbook, and a character skin pack is delaying. At this moment the information from developer Rocksteady and publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is that it will be delayed for one week. This is in addition to Batman Arkham Knight Batmobile Edition cancelled completely earlier. The problem seems to be connected with manufacturing of the toys, which is outsourced to third party. In case of the Batmobile edition, the quality of Batmobile did not meet the requirements and for this reason the edition has been cancelled, in case of the limited edition, which includes a statue, the production was delayed, which delayed the release of the limited edition.

Buyers who pre-ordered limited edition are receiving game codes that allow them to activate the game starting from the release date on 23 June 2015, before they receive the full limited edition.

Update on 07/07/2015: Amazon and several wholesale distributors started shipping out the Limited Edition, with the rest of suppliers expected to ship later this week.

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