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Nordisk Film Games

Company Type: ,
Founded: 2016
Ownership Type: Subsidiary
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Type: Game Related Media and Service Companies

Country: Denmark

Country: Denmark
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Nordisk Film Games is the video game arm of Nordisk Film media and entertainment company in Denmark. Nordisk Film is one of the oldest movie and film companies in the world, it was established in 1906. Nordisk Film Games was formed in 2016 to invest in Nordic video game companies. It has already invested over 135 million Euros in video game companies and has shares in six companies: Avalanche Studios, Flashbulb Games, Multiverse, Raw Fury, Reto Moto, and Star Stable Entertainment.

Nordisk Film Games

Mosedalvej 14,
2500 Valby,

Phone: +45 3618 8200

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