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Selling Potential Indicator

We make an estimation of how well an item would sell in the market. The estimation is based on various factors, including market and industry data. The selling potential indicator is a 10-point score, and the highest score of 10 is given to just a few of exceptionally popular titles, at the time of their maximum demand, on the most popular platforms, for example Call of Duty, Fifa, GTA, Fallout 4, and few others at the time of their release. In the opposite to that, items that have selling potential of 0 or 1 practically do not sell at all.

The selling potential for a specific item usually changes over the time, it is usually the highest at the time of its release and eventually over some time decreases after the release. We make every effort to keep the selling potential indicator updated for all the items in our database, though for some items sometimes the indicator may be outdated. We have a special methodology also for assessing selling potential of future releases.

Please note that the selling potential indicator is for informational purposes only. Traders should not base their business decision on solely this indicator, they should carry additional research and analysis.

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