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Assessing Selling Potential of Future Releases

We use Selling Potential Indicator for already existing games, which is based on actual sales statistical data. The same methodology is not quite applicable for future releases, first because information on pre-orders with various suppliers is often very limited, second because a lot of actual buying takes place after the release when the game appears on the shelves.

For this reason we use carefully weighted estimations for building the selling indicators for feature releases. In addition to taking into account various already existing reviews of future releases done by others, we also analyse additional factors, for example we look at how well the previous releases of the same game series have sold, is it a sequel, reboot, or a new IP, what is the available information on the development process, has the developer used the same technology and game engine as previous releases or they have advanced it with some new features, what is the timing of the release, does it coincide with some other highly anticipated releases that can take off some buyers’ attention, how well the future release is promoted and advertised, how much so called “buzz” the game is creating, the available information on pre-orders for the future release placed by distributors and retailers, and many other factors.