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The Wolf Among Us Season 2 announced for 2018


This week Telltale Games announced that the second season of the popular episodic game the Wolf Among Us will be releasing in 2018. Telltale fans have been pestering the developer for a second season of the game for three years, and finally that pestering has paid off.

Telltale Games made the announcement that The Wolf Among Us will return in 2018 at Comic-con 2017. The developers made the reveal through a short video that included producers of the game and the voice actors of both Bigby and Snow, characters from the title. Just days before, earlier this week, Telltale’s Head Of Communications Job Stauffer had told fans that he worried about getting their hopes us, pointing to a recent thread on Reddit where the developers told fans the cliffhanger ending was left open for them to speculate on.

The Wolf Among Us was released over the course of 2013 and 2014 through five episodes. Each episode added to the game’s story, giving players choices to make that would affect the outcome of events in later episodes. These choices, along with quick time events, are at the core of Telltale’s episodic games because they allow the player to interact with the world without distracting from the story.

The inspiration for The Wolf Among Us came from the critically acclaimed Fable comics. The story of the Fable series sees fantastical creatures from fairy tales brought to life, living among humans in a place called Fabletown after their homeland was overtaken by a force known as The Adversary. There are a number of stories to tell and characters to take inspiration from here, which is why fans have been desperate to see more from Telltale’s rendition of the universe.

The Wolf Among Us season 2 wasn’t the only announcement Telltale Games made however. The developers spoke more about The Walking Dead The Final Season, which brings protagonist Clementine to the centre stage once again, and confirmed the recently leaked season 2 of their Batman game, Batman: The Enemy Within will launch with the first of five episodes on August 8th.

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