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Ubisoft makes it clear again that Far Cry 6 upgrade is free

Far Cry 6

Ubisoft has stepped up again to make it clear that anyone who purchases the upcoming Far Cry 6 on PS4 or Xbox One will be able to upgrade it to PS5 and Xbox Series X/S for free. There is no paid upgrade path, it’s all free.

This applies to both the physical and digital editions of the game. Those with a PS4 disc copy of Far Cry 6 will need to use the disc to play the PS5 version, and the same applies for Xbox consoles.

Ubisoft announced that this would be the case more than one year ago when the game was first announced. However, the title has been delayed since then, so it’s not been clear if this offer still stands. Clearly though, Ubisoft hasn’t changed its mind.

It’s likely that Ubisoft felt prompted to make this statement in the wake of Sony’s Horizon: forbidden West debacle. With that game, Sony initially said that there would be no upgrade path, meaning you’d need to buy a copy for PS4 and for PS5 separately, despite having said that the upgrade would be free in the past. The company quickly backtracked, stating that all future games would have a $10 upgrade fee attached to them.

Far Cry 6 was originally due to launch just after the latest generation of consoles. However, the pandemic has its toll on the game’s development, forcing it to be delayed until October 7, 2022. Now, the game looks like it’ll definitely launch next month, and marketing is already ramping up for it.

In Far Cry 6, players will lead a guerrilla army against a brutal dictator who is holding an island in the past and the world to ransom with a radical new cancer treatment. Players will begin to question what their meaning of freedom and oppression is as they explore the varied world of Yara, an island that has been held in place under a strict regime for far too long.

The game promises to be the fullest Far Cry world to date, a feat that’s going to be hard to pull off considering how much there is to do in past Far Cry entries.

Far Cry 6 - US - PS4 Far Cry 6 - US - Xbox Far Cry 6 - US - PS5

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