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Tropico 6 announced for 2018

Today Kalypso Media announced Tropico 6 with a trailer and a release window for 2018. The trailer gives away very little about the game and shows what might be more general concepts of what to expect from the game at launch, such as references to Brexit and the use of smartphones. The game has been confirmed for PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4.

The Tropico series places players into the positions of the president of an island in the caribbean during the cold war. The game sees superpowers of the world such as the United States and the Soviet Union call upon you for favours, the acceptance or decline of which can have dire consequences.

The games have a tongue in cheek humor that helps to remove the seriousness of the setting and the realities that it may reference. Political powers will give players tasks that they can obey to the letter or warp for their own advantage, all of which will affect the residents of the player’s island.

The gameplay of the Tropico series is top down city management, similar to that of Sim City. In the Tropico games players build up streets and residential housing for their citizens, who they then need to put to work in the various forms of industry that the island can provide for the wider world. Players can also be overthrown by rebels on their island if they disagree with enough of the policies the player puts into place. This is a unique system to the Tropico games and constantly keeps the player on edge, carefully considering each and every choice they make in case it ends up being their last before an uprising.

Tropic 6 is likely to include a few different modes much like other entries in the series. The core mode is the campaign, which tells the set story that Kalypso Media have set out for players. This mode will have a number of branching stores dependant on player choice, as well as multiple endings. The second mode is Scenarios, which are a set group of mini campaigns with particular events occurring around the player, or certain starting and winning criteria. The final mode will probably be Custom Games. These are games players set up for themselves with whatever starting and winning criteria they want. Custom Games will provide more of a challenge for players who have mastered the rest of the game and want more from it.

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