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TinyBuild announce 6 titles for Nintendo Switch

Games developer TinyBuild have announced that six of their games will be making their way to Nintendo Switch over the course of 2018. They also confirmed that more will come in the future, but whether that means after this initial six or as they release new titles hasn’t been revealed. The games coming to Switch and when they release are as follows.

The Last Station – February 2018


The Last Station takes players on a journey through a dying, post-apocalyptic, world. Players will travel by train around this world, slowly putting together a larger picture of what happened to leave it this way. This shooter has fair but unforgiving combat that uses death as a mechanic for players to learn where they should and shouldn’t go. The Nintendo Switch release will include the game’s DLC, The Final Traitor.

Clustertruck – March 2018


Clustertruck is a game about leaping onto the tops of trucks as they hurtle along an endless road. If the player touches the floor then their game is over, but if they continue to survive the environment only gets more unstable and harder for the trucks to navigate.

Punch Club – May 2018


Punch Club is a game in which players create their very own fighter and train them to be the best of the best. Featuring RPG elements that allow players to train their character, the careful balance of life and ambition must be met if their character is to survive long enough to earn the title of greatest fighter. The game will also launch with The Dark First DLC.

Party Hard – Summer


Party Hard is a unique game in which players take on the role of a neighbour pushed to the edge As the noisy people next door have the loudest party yet, players take on the role of the murderous neighbour who needs to kill as many as the party goes as possible without getting caught by those at the party, or the police who might be called in when a dead body is found.

Streets of Rogue – 2018


In Streets of Rogue players must fight, hack, and sneak their way through randomly generated cities. The combination of elements here as well as the freedom and chaos that comes with a GTA-style roguelike provides some brilliant gameplay moments.

Hello Neighbour – 2018


In Hello Neighbour players must sneak into their neighbours house to find out what he’s hiding in the basement. The challenge comes from the neighbour’s AI which learns from your actions, preventing you from sneaking in the same way twice by laying traps or altering their patrol route, particularly when they hear or see something.

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