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SteamOS Performs Poorly Compared to Windows


Computer gaming giant Valve’s proprietary operating system, SteamOS, performs poorly when running games in comparison to Windows, reports say.

Ars Technica carried out an experiment to establish the differences in capabilities between the new SteamOS and the more dominant Windows 10 operating system.

Despite the fact that SteamOS was claimed to be specifically tailored for gaming, Ars Technica found that its performance was significantly lacking in contrast to an equal computer build running Windows 10.

The computer used for the tests included a 3.0GHz dual-core Intel processor, 8GB RAM, and a 2GB Geforce GTX660 GPU. They used the 64-bit Windows 10 Pro OS and the 2.0 4.1.0-0 version SteamOS.

Their experiment found that Windows 10 outperformed in all areas of both single and multi-core CPU benchmarks.

Ars Technica also compared the direct results of how the operating systems performed when playing games. The first game chosen was Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. Windows 10 achieved higher frames per second when using all different levels of graphics settings, and even managed to hit twice as many FPS on ultra settings.

Metro: Last Light Redux was also found to run at higher FPS on Windows 10.

While Ars Technica admitted that the differences in Windows 10’s and SteamOS’s performances weren’t a case of “playable versus unplayable”, it does not particularly bode well for Valve’s specialised gaming OS.

As a heavyweight name in the computer gaming world, high hopes are surely set on Valve’s operating system. For many PC gamers performance is king, so Valve will have to ensure that their OS gets the best performance possible if they hope to sell it in significant numbers.

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