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Sony leak player count for every game

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After some users delved into the new feature for PlayStation 4 owners, My PS4 Life, they discovered that it’s possible to view the total player count for every game on the platform.

The new feature that shows players how many hours they’ve spent in each game, My PS4 Life, released recently for gamers on PlayStation 4. Much like the lists of top songs or artists consumers have listened to on Spotify, the list shows the total hours a player has spent in the games they’ve played on their console.

However, this feature has been exploited soon after launch to show the total player count, on PlayStation 4, for every game. A website named Gamstat was created shortly after the launch of My PS4 Life, showing a guide to view the total users of a game based on the rarest trophy that user has acquired. In order to work out the total player count, users simply need to view the rarest trophy they have for a game, which will then show the percentage of players who have that trophy. This data can be used to work out the total player count for a game.

Gamstat gave an example with No Man’s Sky. The site says that the trophy called ‘Cradle’ was earned by 1,142,392 players in the game. According to 28.9 percent of all players have the trophy. By dividing the number of players who have the trophy by the percentage of players who have earned it (1,142,392/28.9) you can work out that 3,952,913 PlayStation 4 owners have a copy of No Man’s Sky.

This can be done for any game according to the site, though apparently it must be the rarest trophy available. In some cases only 0.1 percent of players have earned the trophy, which doesn’t give very accurate results. It’s also likely that the percentages earned for every trophy haven’t been updated since the end of November, meaning they player counts will be out of date until updated again.

The website published a number of total player counts for the most popular games, the full list is below.

TitleNumber of Players
Call of Duty: WW224,600,000
Call of Duty: Black Ops 49,230,000
Detroit: Become Human2,440,000
Fallout 76407,000
FIFA 1832,500,000
FIFA 1912,500,000
Fortnite16,200,000 (Europe and Australia only)
Grand Theft Auto 551,700,000
Minecraft 25,600,000
No Man’s Sky3,950,000
Overwatch 10,200,000
Red Dead Redemption 26,110,000
Rocket League22,600,000

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