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Rumours Suggest Nintendo will Announce Mobile Venture ‘Soon’

Expect the unexpected,” says industry analyst Dr. Serkan Toto on Nintendo’s soon to be announced mobile project. As masters of the handheld gaming world, the mobile sector is an obvious area of expansion that is perfectly suited to Nintendo’s breed of game.

At the recent GamesBeat 2015 conference, DeNA boss Shintaro Asako revealed that details of Nintendo’s first ever mobile platform game will be announced soon.

The game, being developed by DeNA and Nintendo, will be released on iOS and Android devices by the end of 2015, supposedly.

Asako admitted that he had to keep quiet on the specific details, although he is keen to impress how exciting the initiative is. His deal with Nintendo will eventually produce five games before the end of March 2017, although he mentioned that the deal will extend beyond that date.

Nintendo’s first mobile games will be unique titles specifically designed for the intricacies of the mobile platform, so there won’t be ports of previously existing Wii U or 3DS titles. However, Nintendo’s existing IPs may be used to create a new game exclusively for mobile.

The deal between Nintendo and DeNA represents a new alliance between the companies, not just in terms of creative output but also at a deeper level. Each company now owns stock in the other, so it is certain that their relationship will persist and deepen as they create new games.

Specific details on Nintendo’s first mobile game will be reported as they are announced.

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