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Rockstar reveal Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay

Rockstar Games have revealed the first official gameplay series video for Red Dead Redemption 2. In this video they introduce a number of game mechanics which are new to the Red Dead Redemption franchise, and detail other aspects of the game.

The trailer shows off the gorgeous world of Red Dead Redemption 2. While the first game had a number of specific biomes, in the second those biomes have been expanded, combining weather systems which affect the player too, causing the protagonist to become muddy when falling over in the rain for example.

Hunting is still a core mechanic of the game, with many new animals added to the list of those players are able to hunt and sell the various parts of in order to buy new gear. Now however, an entire animal can be brought back to camp, for example if the player kills a deer and wants to use it for more than simply selling the hide.

The game will now feature a camp for Dutch’s gang as the move from town to town after committing various crimes. Bringing items such as a killed deer back to this camp feed the people there and help boost morale. New missions, activities, and secrets can also be found when players spend time interacting with the various members of the gang.

A new system that allows players to interact with the world than with more than just their weapon looks to make it far more engaging than any other one built by Rockstar Games. Players are able to greet fellow travellers on horseback, or just those at the side of the road, should they wish, but they can also antagonise anyone they come across as well. Furthermore, players will now need to intimidate any witnesses to their crimes in order to avoid being reported to the local Sheriff.

Strangers and Weirdos are another returning feature to the game, but look to have a greater effect on the game. In the first game players were able to proceed through a series of sidequests with colourful characters after completing certain requirements, such as finishing a number of missions or hunting a number of creatures. In the second game it sounds like interactions with characters in the world will have a butterfly-effect on the player’s future, changing what certain characters do or feel as time goes on.

Horses are still a main character in Red Dead Redemption 2. Players need to care for their horse, by brushing them and feeding them for example, in order to improve their bond. The better the bond the less spooked the horse will get when enemies are shooting at it, or animals biting at its feet.

Rockstar Games ended this video by telling fans that in the next one they will be giving more details on the missions, heists, side activities, and evolution of sharp shooting.

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