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Red Dead Redemption 2 Online beta is launching

Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar Games have confirmed that the beta for the highly-anticipated online element of Red Dead Redemption 2, Red Dead Redemption 2 Online, is launching on November 27, 2018.

Rockstar Games is rolling the online mode out in beta form to begin with in order to find bugs and problems early on, and fix them before the full launch of the multiplayer element. The beta will go live on November 27th at 8.30AM ET. Initially only those with the Ultimate Edition of Red Dead Redemption 2 will have access to the beta.

On November 28th the beta for Red Dead Redemption 2 Online will be opened for players who played the game on the day it released, the 26th of October. On the 29th of November players who played Red Dead Redemption 2 within the first three days of it launching, between the 26th and 29th of October, will then have access to the beta. Finally, on Friday the 30th of November all players will have access to the beta for Red Dead Redemption 2 Online.

According to Rockstar Games the online element of Red Dead Redemption 2 will be an evolution of the multiplayer experience. Here they aim to blend cooperative and competitive gameplay with narrative and the dynamic moments that come from online worlds. The game mode is available for players to enjoy with others or as a solo experience, and will receive regular updates that are based around the player base’s experience with Red Dead Redemption 2 Online.

Players will be able to jump into the online world and create their own character and select abilities that suit their playstyle. From the word go players can join up in a posse with up to eight others and head out to hunt, fish, battle other gangs, or fight other players. Skirmishes will appear in the game world and will be spontaneous set-pieces that players can join in with.

The data shows that many players have moved over to Red Dead Redemption 2 from Grand Theft Auto 5 in anticipation of this new online element. The next week or so will determine whether that fanbase sticks around or reverts to the game they already know and love.

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